Irina Simukhin

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Hello world!

I say Hallo world! Hello to all who follows me and my work. Thank you so much for doing so!

I'm opening my own site, which will also be a blog where I share not only my art work, but also my personal style!

The first post I want to dedicate to my illustrations! On my Instagram I've already posted some of my works and now I would like to combine some of them and to tell something about them!

The first series is called "Lost In The Tropics". These are two (so far) illustration! The heroine is some girl, who lives among the exotic flora and fauna. The idea is to convey on the one hand the freshness and beauty and on the other hand the fragility and sincerity of the human beauty and of the tropical nature.

These illustrations are painted in watercolours, because what can better convey lightness and freshness than paint and water! So, here are my first illustrations from the "Lost In The Tropics" collection.